Christina Brown is a ceramic artist, entrepreneur, authentic heart connector, and retreat leader supporting the self-discovery and transformation in women. Her deep desire is to soak up as much beauty this life has to offer, love her family well, walk with kindness on the earth, create art, travel, and connect authentically with others.

Her work supporting artists worldwide through her retail offerings at Moonbird has been a gateway to sharing her heart and supporting women her local community. This doorway allowed her to follow her heart and create a sacred space at Moonbird for women to gather and experience ceremony, healing, growth and self discovery. Gathering with open-hearts women inquire within, receive healing, and gain wisdom of their bodies, minds and souls through meditation, creativity, ceremony and self-compassion practices.

Grounding deeper in her own truth and self-love journey home to herself has been the guiding light leading Christina to open Moonbird Soulful Living, to offer global Retreats for Soulful Living and to create a space for self-discovery and sacred gatherings for women. Her desire for retreats for soulful living is to create sacred space for women to authentically connect with themselves and one another while hearing the wisdom of their own heart. time to renew their spirits through creativity, adventure, laughter, meaningful friendships and love.

Her spiritual and artistic journey has brought deep healing, inspiration and meaningful connection into her life that she desires to share with others.


What you will experience as you enter Moonbird Soulful Living is the peaceful energy that abounds. The richness of color and fragrance settle the spirit immediately and the curated handmade collection of goods inspires. The throughtfully curated wellness section of books, tools and gifts are meant to help cultivate ones self exploration and desire for inner growth, connection and healing. In our beautiful meditation space we hosts Moon Ceremonies, Soul Circles and Inspiration Gatherings monthly inviting women of all ages to explore deeper connection within themselves and in their local community.


In addition to local gatherings Christina also hosts global retreats created for women to step away from the business of everyday life and open their hearts to receive rich personal experience through adventure, art, creativity, yoga, culture, spirit and ceremony. Bringing home a deeper connection to themselves and their intuition and healing inner wisdom.

Leaning into her own heart and healing as her inspiration behind Moonbird Soulful Living and the sacred gatherings she welcomes all who are journeying with love and respect for others on their sacred earth journey to join in the awakening.