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welcome beautiful soul


Moonbird is a beautiful gathering place supporting wellness, creativity, community, personal growth and self-discovery. An Artisan Wellness shop featuring thoughtfully curated collections of handmade goods, jewelry, pottery, natural apothecary, fair-trade artisan goods, ritual objects, soulful inspirations, books and one-of-a-kind gifts. All goods are hand chosen with the intention of offering joy, inspiration, support on our soul journey, beauty and to help cultivate a healthy spirit, home and planet for all. 

The heart of Moonbird is the desire to be a gathering place for women to come together in the spirit of self discovery, connection, healing, deep transformation and growth.  Gathering together we honor our 'WHOLENESS’ in a community where women are encouraged to pause and connect with their ‘inner-knowing’ and gain a deeper understanding of their bodies, minds and spirits through meditation, creativity, ceremony and sacred wisdom practices. Owner, Christina Brown has experienced her own heart-awakening journey home to herself. Her homecoming has been a winding path that brought many insights and most importantly her personal mantra expressing her truth.

I am me. I am whole.

The truth and freedom she experienced in the awakening to her wholeness is the passion behind her creating a beautiful and safe space to support women on their own heart-opening journey. Her passion as a holistic life coach is to create space for women to answer the question, “What brings you alive?” To guide them in what she describes as ‘soul excavation’ to explore their beautiful inner sanctuary, experience the joy of their unique awakening to their ‘wholeness’ and to share the power of love, compassion, and inspiration in an authentic and supportive community.


The Shop

Moonbird Soulful Living is special place of beauty and inspiration. The richness of color and fragrance settle the spirit immediately as you enter, the handmade collection of goods inspire and a peaceful and nourishing energy abounds. The wellness section of thoughtfully curated products, books, ritual tools and gifts are chosen with the intention to help cultivate ones self-exploration and desire for inner growth, connection and healing. In our beautiful meditation space we host monthly Wisdom Circles, Moon Ceremonies, Soul Sessions and Creative Workshops inviting women of all ages to explore deeper connection within themselves and their local community.





Join our beautiful community of women exploring what it means to live a ‘Soulful Life’. This journey is a 5-week course designed to guide you on a transformative journey of connecting in deeply authentic ways with yourself through mindfulness, creativity, self-exploration and wellness practices. Exploring and gaining personal insight into living a life that is fully connected to your authentic self and is congruent with your heart’s desires. Connect to your “inner-knowing” and explore what it means to BE YOU! Cultivate clarity, courage, and the strength needed to step into the fullness of your life with a mindful awareness, wisdom and ‘Soul Purpose’. Be empowered and know that YOU can live a life that is aligned with your authentic self, guided by love and is one that fulfills you mind, body and spirit.


Moon Ceremonies

Join us each month for our Full Moon and New Moon ceremonies. Taking time to focus on our inner voice and truth leads the way to clarity of mind and helps us set our personal intentions and fills our hearts with promise. 


Soul circle

If your desire is to be fully alive in yourself and support other women on their journey come be a part of our soul circles. Our circle gatherings are a place to explore the inner recesses of our hearts and discover what makes us feel fully alive and to connect with our inner knowing and connect with what opens our heart. Exploring and asking questions that lead us into deeper awareness and loving relationship with ourselves. In our circle we are companions, friends and guides to one another each one of us on a beautiful and unique journey towards healing, deep transformation and sharing our light in the world. We are each on a beautiful journey home to ourselves.



retreats for soulful living

The beauty of attending a retreat and traveling outside our daily experience is that every place in the world holds its own magic and beauty just waiting to be received. Our retreats are created for women to embrace beautiful life changing experiences through adventure, creativity, art, culture, spirit and ceremony. Our belief is that making space to cultivate this richness in our lives brings with it transformative experiences, moments of beauty and joy, and is sacred time spent on ourselves. Retreats for Soulful Living offers a space where women can connect with one another and experience adventure, culture, joy and meaningful friendships while also feeling fully alive in ourselves and our uniqueness.